writer’s block and final paper

2 months preparing my final paper wasn’t an easy work to do. while writing them i often having what so called the writer’s block. it’s a psychological problem related to the writer’s mood, often happened because of having lack of inspirations and creativity. in my case, I am lack of creativity, 2 months of talking the same specific problems, made me bored of it. after a while i finally have some solutions for this problem. Making a double turning point would surely kill the disease.

Here’s my solutions due to having a writer’s block :

1. Have one moment to enjoy yourself, look at your surroundings, but don’t think of anything, clean up your mind. keep silences. build your new comfort zone.

2. After your new comfort zone bold, think about the past (related to your writings), this surely will works now, do self-criticism to your writings.

3. write down what you think are the problem in your writings, read again the draft while reading the list of problems.

4. now, execute the writing per chapter separately, be patient, take your time, it’s not the quantity of your writings, the quality of it was the problem.

Enjoy writing! You’ll smile after a while..:-)

p.s. :

double turning point are the condition of having a straight punch to your face, hehe.. you could simply do it by thinking, and then working it out.. don’t take your time just to write plan, resolution, or anykind of them. that thing couldn’t work straight out. they would just slow you down. do some mind mapping, keep your map in mind. then work, work and work. push yourself harder, take some time to break, then push even harder. you’ll get to usual with it. remember one thing, people don’t change, if they don’t change theirself.

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